Bio: Carly Groff

I’m a senior majoring in Communication, hoping to do some good in the world one way or another. I took a few years off from college to intern, work, travel, and participate in a yearlong AmeriCorps program. I’m passionate about many social justice issues, and have participated in several organized actions and other protest endeavors. In the future I hope to make a living doing something that builds community, uplifts marginalized people, and/or fosters understanding in place of conflict.

I care about the issue of improving America’s prison system because its brokenness infects and reflects every other aspect of our society. Along with many others in positions of social privilege, my eyes have really been opened over the past year to the extent of the injustices perpetrated by our bigoted and increasingly militarized “justice” system. Our incarceration patterns are a horrific sham of legal ethics, as shown most potently by the disproportionately high sentencing rate of minority males. Overall, we waste precious resources on a system that doesn’t even work to do what it is supposed to do (AKA make our communities more stable, peaceful, and resilient). It often does just the opposite, taking broken people and breaking them down further—which simply fosters recidivism, resentment, and poverty that keeps future generations at risk for landing in prisons. American incarceration must be reformed.


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