Refutation: Mental disorders

Prisoners may a have mental illness because of being in prison instead of having a mental illness prior to being incarcerated. When a person is in prison they are confined to an uncomfortable bed, small spaces, and have to worry about the rest of the prisoners taking their stuff or harming them. All of these things combined can make a person go insane. There are many sexual assault cases in prisons that are not usually reported. These cases can contribute to a person having a mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Along with the sexual assaults happening in prison, the prisoners rarely, if ever, see their family and friends. It is not only missing your family and friends, it is that you may lose support or feel like you have lost support from them. When a person has lost support from the people they love and care about, they may turn more violent or have a mental breakdown. Prisons can be the problem instead of people already having mental illnesses.

There are many mentally ill people serving time in prison. Some of the people that are mentally ill can spend their parole in mental hospitals. Each year at the mental hospital the prisoner gets a trial that either qualifies them as mentally ill or sends them back to prison if they are not. This could be a way for prisoners to get out of prison or serve their time without being locked in a prison with many other people that want to hurt them or also to get out of doing work. Also, in the mental hospitals there are people that have not committed a crime that are being treated for a disorder and they are being treated alongside the people that have committed a crime. The fact is that people with mental disorders should be treated for the disorder, but not in the same way that someone that did not commit a crime and also has a disorder.


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