Land of the free?

It’s crazy to think that we have such a small percentage of the world’s population, but such a large percentage of the world’s prisoners.  Are we really the land of the free??


Allowing Drugs May Help Lower the Incarceration Rate

According to the Huffington Post, around 50% of prisoners in the Federal prison system are the for drug offenses.  The largest number of offenses dealt with marijuana, which is the most acceptable illicit drug in today’s society.  I believe that people should have the right to do drugs as long as they do not interfere with the rest of society, which would be along the same lines as alcohol with drinking and driving.  Although, people who traffic drugs and sell them in large quantities should face charges, but not as serious as they are today. Getting rid of sentences for drug offenses would reduce a large amount of people in the prison system which reduces the incarceration rate, and it would save the governments money because they would not have to house the inmates.


About Me

My name is Chris Bush and I’m studying criminal justice at the University of Maryland and I’ve studied at a two year college before coming here.  Criminal Justice interests me greatly and there are so many aspects of it that can be simplified into smaller categories and studied at a finer level.  One thing that is very important is looking at the Prison system in the United States.  Many people are being held in prison for petty crimes and others are not being treated the proper way in prison.  Prisoners can take up a large sum of our tax dollars to incarcerate them for the duration of their sentence.  There needs to be a cheaper alternative to this.  There are also people that suffer from mental illness’ in prison and they do not get the proper treatment for their disorder.  Prisons should also teach prisoners the proper way to act in society and also give them a good reintegration program so they can function in society when their sentence is up.  There are many things that we can change about our current prison system.

Who Am I? And Why Do I Care

I am interested in the incarceration rate in the United States and its affects on our nation. We have incarcerated so many Americans and have created a system that hurts our society instead of protecting it. America is damaged and our prison system might have contributed. We are weakened by the over population in prisons today. This affect has caused Americans to pay a great deal more in taxes for the ability to hold these inmates in prison. The justice system isn’t properly screening these individuals and their crimes. They instead bunch all the lawbreakers together and host them on Americans tap. Once released from prison these individuals have a difficult time finding a job and properly contributing to society. This system only pushes these individuals into a vicious cycle and encourages them to make repeat mistakes. What I find most disheartening is the racial gap in our incarnation rate. In a Stanford article just written this past year, mentions that African Americans make up 12% of the United States population and 40% of the inmates in our justice system. You would think, as a nation who prides itself on equality would be a little more equal. These are the reasons I decided to focus my attention on this particular subject. I want to learn more about where we are as of now and what ideas are in place for our future. I am currently senior in college pursuing a degree in communications with the hopes of working for a public relations firm in the near future.

-Alanah ME

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